No-Popup 1.0

It allows you to block any pop-up window while surfing the Internet with IE
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No-Popup allows you to block any pop-up windows, like advertisements, while surfing the Internet using Microsoft Internet Explorer. Once you run the program, a red circle icon in the system tray will be added. The red color indicates that the program is enabled. By default, when a pop-up window is detected, the program starts an alarm with sound and blinks the icon in the system tray. With a right-click of your mouse you can disable/enable the program; open the about window, the configuration window, and close the program. If you disable the program, the icon in the system tray will change to gray. In the configuration window you can mark/unmark the options to flash the icon and play a sound when a pop-up is detected. To change the sound file for the alarm when a pop-up is detected, click on the folder icon, browse your computer for a sound file, select the file (sound file must bear the WAV extension), and click on the Open button. The complete path of the selected file will be shown in the Configuration window.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • It sounds an alarm and flashes an icon when a pop-pup window appears


  • It doesn't block the majority of pop-up windows
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